10. How do I file a complaint with the police department?
The Delray Beach Police Department, in accordance with its rules, policies and procedures, will investigate all complaints made against the department or its employees. Complaints should be legitimate in nature, and if proven false, employees have the right to sue for punitive/slanderous damages stemming from false allegations. Citizen Complaints: Addresses any concern or complaint voiced towards a member or an activity of the department. Informal complaints can be anonymous. The Complaint Process: • All complaints will be directed to the shift commander or a supervisor on duty. • The supervisor will meet in person (if possible) with the complainant(s) and ascertain the nature of the complaint. • If the complaint cannot be resolved, the supervisor will obtain a statement of complaint (if complainant is willing). • The supervisor will generate an Initial Notice of Inquiry and provide the complainant with a copy of the letter titled Important Information Concerning the Citizen Complaint Filing. Types of Complaints: • Internal Affairs • Investigations involving serious breaches of conduct. • Usually requires a sworn statement or affidavit from the complainant. • Supervisory Review • Usually relates to minor misconduct. • Often investigated by the affected employee`s supervisor.
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